Juliana Gabriel Ribeiro de Andrade

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BACKGROUND The aim of this study was to investigate the frequency of gonadal tumors among patients with Turner syndrome (TS) carrying Y-derivative sequences in their chromosomal constitution. METHODS Six out of 260 patients with TS were selected based on mosaicism of the entire Y chromosome; 10 were included because Y-derivative sequences have been(More)
Objective. To evaluate diagnosis, age of referral, karyotype, and sex of rearing of cases with disorders of sex development (DSD) with ambiguous genitalia. Methods. Retrospective study during 23 years at outpatient clinic of a referral center. Results. There were 408 cases; 250 (61.3%) were 46,XY and 124 (30.4%) 46,XX and 34 (8.3%) had sex chromosomes(More)
Galvanostatic electrodeposition was used to produce transparent and amorphous WO 3 films that showed color changes from clear to blue in response to the applied potential of ±1.0 V. The 61% in transmittance variation was measured at wavelength of 633 nm. The roughness of 16.7 nm was obtained by atomic force microscopy (AFM). The scanning electron microscopy(More)
OBJECTIVE To verify whether fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) of cells from the buccal epithelium could be employed to detect cryptomosaicism with a 45,X lineage in 46,XY patients. SUBJECTS AND METHODS Samples of nineteen 46,XY healthy young men and five patients with disorders of sex development (DSD), four 45,X/46,XY and one 46,XY were used.(More)
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