Juliana Gómez

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There is evidence suggesting that the prevalence of depersonalization in psychiatric patients can vary across cultures. To explore the possible influence of culture on the prevalence of depersonalization, we compared psychiatric inpatient samples from the United Kingdom (N = 31), Spain (N = 68), and Colombia (N = 41) on standardized and validated(More)
Ninety-six patients complaining of recurrent or persistent abdominal pain were referred consecutively to a surgical clinic and a medical clinic, respectively. They were examined psychiatrically after their initial physical investigation. The psychiatric examination included rating scales for depression and anxiety, a personality inventory, life-events(More)
An interview tool, Diagnostic Interview for Genetic Studies (DIGS 3.0), was translated into Spanish for application in studies of psychiatric disorders in Colombia. Two Spanish translations of the original English version of DIGS were prepared and back-translated into English. A review committee verified the linguistic and cultural equivalence of the(More)
The functional state of the hypothalamo-pituitary-thyroid axis was assessed in 14 women and girls with anorexia nervosa when at low body weight and again in 12 cases after they had gained weight. Mean serum thyroxine concentrations were low before and after weight gain. Mean serum triiodothyronine (T3) concentrations were substantially reduced at low weight(More)
  • J Gomez
  • 1975
The incidence of side-effects present 24 hours after electroconvulsive therapy was studied in 96 patients who between them received 500 treatments in a consecutive series. None of the side-effects occurred frequently: headache was experienced after 2-6 per cent and subjective memory impairment after 3 per cent of treatments. None of the unwanted effects(More)
A case of the Capras phenomenon in a man of 58, arising during the course of a depressive illness, is described. Physical, electroencephalographic and psychometric investigations gave no sign of organic disease, and recovery was complete. Factors leading to the development of a depressive psychosis and its particular manifestation in the Capgras delusion(More)
Maternal-infant transmission of HIV-1 occurs in 13-40% of pregnancies. Studies on transmission of maternal immunity to HIV antigens have used antigens from viruses not representative of clinical isolates and have been conflicting. Using a consensus peptide sequence based on HIV isolates found in Haiti, we found that Haitian mothers who transmitted infection(More)