Juliana Exel Santana

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The purpose of this study was to analyse players' positional variability during the 2012 UEFA European Championship by applying principal component analysis (PCA) to data gathered from heat maps posted on the UEFA website. We analysed the teams that reached the finals and semi-finals of the competition. The players' 2D coordinates from each match were(More)
The aims of the current study were to analyze a kick from 10 m in a futsal context and the parameters of muscular strength using an isokinetic dynamometer in a laboratory environment, performed with the dominant (DL) and nondominant lower limbs (NDL). Seventeen professional elite players participated. Kicking performance was evaluated from the second(More)
BACKGROUND Kicking performance is the most studied technical action in soccer and lower limbs kinematics is closely related to success in kicking, mainly because they are essential in imparting high velocity to the ball. Previous studies demonstrated that soccer leagues in different countries exhibit different physical demands and technical requirements(More)
SUMMARY The aim of this study was to assess hip-knee and knee-ankle coupling coordination of skilled and unskilled in football kicks. A modified vector coding technique was used to evaluate coupling coordination. Cross-correlation was used to assess the similarity between the groups. In the sagittal and transverse planes, hip-knee coordination presented(More)
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