Juliana Dipasquale

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The purpose of this study was to compare kinematic gait parameters measured with an instrumented walkway system (GAITRite(R)) and a video-based system (peak performance motus 3.1(R)). Subjects walked across a GAITRite mat with embedded pressure sensors. Reflective markers were attached to subjects' shoes and video capture was simultaneously performed during(More)
Galvanic stimulation produces a postural sway and eye movements in humans. Since galvanic currents are thought to exert their effect at the trigger zone of the vestibular nerve, an intact vestibular nerve should be necessary to produce a response. We have used galvanic stimulation in humans to test the hypothesis that intact vestibular nerve fibers are(More)
Complex injuries to the frontal bar of the upper face can cause significant damage to the anterior cranial fossa. One of the biggest challenges in the repair of such injuries is the prevention of a cerebrospinal fluid leak and separation of the brain from the nasal cavity. Although many autogenous and alloplastic materials can be used for this purpose, the(More)
Metastatic tumors to the head and neck from distant carcinomas are rare lesions that epitomize the "zebras." They represent a diagnostic and therapeutic challenge for clinicians and health providers. These lesions usually rank low in the differential diagnosis list, but a history of cancer should prompt clinicians about the possibility of a metastatic(More)
Methods Ad5hr-SIVenv/rev, -SIVgag, and -GFP recombinants were given to rhesus macaques by the IN/IT, sublingual, rectal or vaginal routes at weeks 0 and 12. Controls received Ad5hr-GFP only. Blood, bronchial alveolar lavage (BAL), and rectal biopsies were collected one week after each Ad immunization (weeks 1 and 13) and examined for GFP expression among(More)
BACKGROUND Technological advances in the field of robotics and computer-assisted surgery continue to revolutionize medicine and surgery. The specialty of maxillofacial surgery has benefited from this advancement. One of the areas of the specialty where this advancement has made significant contributions is in the management of complex soft tissue and bony(More)
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