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Hypertension, heart disease, and diabetes are not only the major risk factors for stroke, but they tend to cluster in families. It is unknown, however, whether these conditions occur more frequently among relatives of patients with specific types of stroke as compared to non-relatives. The frequencies of stroke and its major risk factors in two groups of(More)
We report our observations on the clinical and radiologic correlates of changes in cerebral white matter based on 94 subjects undergoing magnetic resonance imaging in a prospective study of dementia. Periventricular hyperintensity occurred twice as often in patients with Alzheimer's disease as in healthy control subjects. Within the control group, the(More)
Unilateral testicular trauma in the postpubertal male can lead to alterations in semen analysis, but it is not clear what effect this has on fertility. To better understand how surgical treatment of testicular trauma affects both fertility and testicular histology the following study was performed. Eighty postpubertal Lewis rats were divided into eight(More)
We identified 85 patients in a longitudinal study of dementia who had uncomplicated Alzheimer's disease and in whom computed tomography of the head and psychometric testing were conducted within a 6-month period following their entry into the study. Thirty-four patients (40%) had leukoaraiosis, which was disproportionately common in female patients (62% vs(More)
A patient with Rubinstein Taybi Syndrome ( RTS) was found to have spontaneous patella dislocation and spontaneous patella reduction. Clinical examination revealed ligamentous laxity and reducible patella. Open reduction and stabilization with semitendinosus tenodesis were done. Surgical treatment should not be put off because of the delay in the ability to(More)
INTRODUCTION Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation in pediatric patients is an alternative treatment for different diseases. The conditioning regimen for transplant predisposes recipients to the development of infections. Viral infections by herpes simplex virus 1 (HSV-1), herpes simplex virus 2 (HSV-2), human cytomegalovirus (CMV), and Epstein-Barr virus(More)
As an alternative to bladder mucosa, free grafts of tubularized peritoneum were used as urethral substitutes in a rabbit model of hypospadias. In group 1, six mature rabbits underwent partial penile urethrectomy followed by interposition of a 2-cm-long peritoneal-lined tube graft. These animals had urethrograms performed at 3 months and were killed at 6 (n(More)
The objective of the study is the analysis of prognostic factors observed in the evolution of 65 patients who presented chronic subdural hematoma surgically evacuated. Morbimortality ratio corresponding to our surgical technique is also presented. A retrospective statistical analysis of epidemiologic, clinic and radiologic factors was performed. Personal(More)
The branch of the right pulmonary artery (RPA) to the upper lobe of the right lung (RUL), the truncus anterior of the RPA, and the pars anterior of the left pulmonary artery, which supplies the left upper lung lobe (LUL), were demonstrated by both dissection of postmortem specimens and angiography for 20 infants and children, by angiography only for 57, and(More)