Juliana Carvalhães Lago

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BACKGROUND Due to the increase of solar ultraviolet radiation (UV) incidence over the last few decades, the use of sunscreen has been widely adopted for skin protection. However, considering the high efficiency of sunlight-induced DNA lesions, it is critical to improve upon the current approaches that are used to evaluate protection factors. An alternative(More)
Oxidative stress occurs when there is an over production of free radicals and cells are not able to neutralize them by their own antioxidant mechanisms. These excess of free radicals will attack cellular macromolecules leading to cell damage, function impairment or death. Because of that, antioxidant substances have been largely used in products to offer(More)
OBJECTIVE To overcome the current lack of in vitro models to specifically reproduce hormonal skin ageing in women, and in search of active ingredients with innovative efficacy claim for cosmetic skin care, we developed a cell culture-based model by simulating menopause's hormonal decline and assessed several parameters of collagen metabolism. METHODS(More)
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