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Accidental bleach ingestion is frequent in children but there is no agreement on its management. The results of a survey among 11 French poison centres about their recommendations in this intoxication are reported. Most of the centres adapt their guidelines according to the quantity and the concentration of the ingested bleach. In case of diluted bleach, no(More)
UNLABELLED The Johanson-Blizzard syndrome is a rare autosomal recessive syndrome. This syndrome includes congenital aplasia of the cutis, aplasia of the alae nasi, bilateral hearing loss, dental malformations and pancreatic insufficiency. CASE REPORT We report a sporadic case male infant from nonconsanguineous parents. He presented aplasia of the cutis(More)
OBJECTIVE The study was carried out by the GFHGNP to determine the annual incidence of symptomatic celiac disease in children. PATIENTS AND METHODS The diagnostic criteria were: symptomatic patients diagnosed under 15 years of age during 1996, villous atrophy and positivity of antigliadin and/or other antibodies. Cases were collected from referral(More)
Rotavirus and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) infections represent up to 30% of the totality of nosocomial infections in paediatric wards. We studied the importance of these infections in the paediatric wards of the University Hospital Center of Poitiers, France, from October 1996 to September 1998. We defined as nosocomial an infection acquired after 3(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES While our European and North American colleagues have recently updated their recommendations, the 2000 Consensus Conference remains the main guideline on management of acute viral bronchiolitis in France. We aimed to establish an updated inter-regional protocol on management of acute viral bronchiolitis in infants. METHOD(More)
BACKGROUND Herpes gestationis in the neonate is usually associated with an increased risk of premature birth and/or low birth weight for gestational age (GA) and sometimes skin lesions. Neurologic manifestations are nos described in these babies. CASE REPORT A boy was born at 35 weeks of GA from a mother who developed skin eruption typical of herpes(More)
BACKGROUND Improvement of the care to the neonate relys on an increased number of pediatricians in nurseries and adequate neonatal resuscitation training. METHODS A questionaire about the optimal modes of neonatal resuscitation training was sent to 132 pediatricians in charge of a neonatal unit or a neonatal intensive care unit. Response rate was 80.3%.(More)
UNLABELLED Cases of meningitis due to Bacteroides fragilis are rare; we report a case revealing a meningorectal fistula. CASE REPORT A 2-month-old infant developed a severe sepsis syndrome following a rectosigmoidoscopy for rectal bleeding. Lumbar puncture diagnosed bacterial meningitis. Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) culture evidenced B fragilis with(More)