Juliana Bueno-Soler

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The interest of investigating combinations of logics has a philosophical side, a purely logic-theoretical side and promising applicational interests. This paper concentrates on the logic-theoretical side and studies some general methods for combination and decomposition, taking into account that the general idea of combining logics requires methods not only(More)
This paper represents the first steps towards constructing a paraconsistent theory of probability based on the Logics of Formal Inconsistency (LFIs). We show that LFIs encode very naturally an extension of the notion of probability able to express sophisticated probabilistic reasoning under contradictions employing appropriate notions of conditional(More)
A system is classified as multimodal if its language has more than one modal operator as primitive, and such operators are not interdefinable. We extend the anodic and cathodic modal systems, introduced in [BS09a] and [BS10], to a class of the so-called basilar multimodal systems generating, in this way, the classes of anodic and cathodic multimodal logics.(More)
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