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OBJECTIVE The aim of the study was to evaluate blood leukocyte counts in patients with uterine cervical neoplasia. METHODS Patients treated at a university hospital were reviewed retrospectively. Disease progression was monitored, beginning in 1990 to 2002, for at least 5 years. Blood count parameters included absolute leukocyte, neutrophil and lymphocyte(More)
The cellular prion protein (PrP(C)) is a sialoglycoprotein involved in neuroplasticity processes and synaptic transmission. This study investigated behavioural responses (balance in the rota-rod test at 24 rpm, motility in the open-field test, anxiety in the elevated plus-maze test) in Zurich developed wild-type adult mice (WT, controls of normal PrP(C)(More)
Decrease of γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA)-mediated neurotransmission in the dorsomedial hypothalamus (DMH) evokes instinctive fear-like responses. The aim of the present study was to investigate the involvement of the serotonin (5-HT)- and norepinephrine-mediated pathways of the endogenous pain inhibitory system, including the dorsal raphe nucleus (DRN) and(More)
The chemical neuroanatomy and the effects of central administration of opioid antagonists on the innate fear-induced responses elicited by electrical (at escape behaviour threshold) stimulation of the midbrain tectum were determined. The aim of the present work was to investigate the interaction between the tecto-nigral endogenous opioid peptide-mediated(More)
Many studies suggest that the substantia nigra, pars reticulata (SNpr), a tegmental mesencephalic structure rich in γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA)- and cannabinoid receptor-containing neurons, is involved in the complex control of defensive responses through the neostriatum-nigral disinhibitory and nigro-tectal inhibitory GABAergic pathways during imminently(More)
It has been proposed that the post-ictal state is associated with the expression of hypoalgesia. It is clear that the projections among the periaqueductal gray matter (PAG), dorsal raphe nucleus (DRN) and locus coeruleus (LC) play a role in pain management. These mesencephalic structures have direct reciprocal opioid and monoaminergic projections to the LC(More)