Julian Wolfson

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Models for predicting the probability of experiencing various health outcomes or adverse events over a certain time frame (e.g., having a heart attack in the next 5years) based on individual patient characteristics are important tools for managing patient care. Electronic health data (EHD) are appealing sources of training data because they provide access(More)
The use of telehealth solutions has proved to improve clinical management of chronic diseases, expand access to healthcare services and clinicians, and reduce healthcare-related costs. The project aims at improving Heart Failure (HF) management through the utilization of a Telemedicine and Personal Health Records systems that will assist HF specialist in(More)
Note: References to equation numbers in the main manuscript are preceded by M, eg. η i (β L (s + ∆s)) = η i (β L (s)) + ∂η i ∂β (β L (s))(β L (s + ∆s) − β L (s)) + o(|β L (s + ∆s) − β L (s)|) (1) η i (β B (T)) = η i (β L (s)) + ∂η i ∂β (β L (s))(β B (T) − β L (s)) + o(|β B (T) − β L (s)|) (2)
National Football League (NFL) teams spend substantial time and money trying to predict which college quarterbacks eligible to be drafted into the NFL will have successful professional careers. But despite this investment of resources, it is common for quarterbacks to perform much better or worse than anticipated. Prior work on this " quarterback prediction(More)
The modern statistical literature is replete with methods for performing variable selection and prediction in standard regression problems. However, simple models may misspecify or fail to capture important aspects of the data generating process such as missingness, correlation , and over/underdispersion. This realization has motivated the development of a(More)
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