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As virtually all smartphones today run general purpose operating systems, they have to consider malware attacks, with rootkits being among the most hideous ones. Since rootkits execute with the same privileges as the OS kernel, traditional countermeasures are inherently fragile. While virtualization-based technologies have proven themselves capable means to(More)
In the new age of cyberwars, system designers have come to recognize the merits of building critical systems on top of small kernels for their ability to provide strong isolation at system level. This is due to the fact that enforceable isolation is the prerequisite for any reasonable security policy. Towards this goal we examine some internals of(More)
Adversaries with physical access to a target platform can perform cold boot or DMA attacks to extract sensitive data from the RAM. To prevent such attacks, hardware vendors announced respective processor extensions. AMD's extension SME will provide means to encrypt the RAM to protect security-relevant assets that reside there. The encryption will protect(More)
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