Julian Terry

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Many researchers and practitioners consider user participation in the development of an information system is essential to the success of the system. System designers have promoted development techniques that demand user participation, such as prototyping, rapid application development and joint application design. Interestingly, the research literature on(More)
Clinical GeneOrganizer (CGO) is a novel windows-based archiving, organization and data mining software for the integration of gene expression profiling in clinical medicine. The program implements various user-friendly tools and extracts data for further statistical analysis. This software was written for Affymetrix GeneChip *.txt files, but can also be(More)
In e-commerce, customers have become Information System users. In this environment of nonmandatory usage, remote, untrained users need to quickly feel comfortable and satisfied with a site encounter. Throughout the literature for four decades, a commonly cited factor pertaining to system success has been user participation in the systems development(More)
The utility of a Web site from the user perspective is critical to success, and evidence suggests that an unrewarding initial experience will thwart further interaction with the site. Since the 1960’s, a commonly cited factor in the literature pertaining to system success has been user involvement in the systems development process. Among other things this(More)
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