Julian Tee

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Previous research into the quantification of embodied intellectual and emotional engagement using non-verbal movement parameters has not yielded consistent results across different studies. Our research introduces NIMI (Non-Instrumental Movement Inhibition) as an alternative parameter. We propose that the absence of certain types of possible movements can(More)
In human computer interactions --- especially gaming --- the role of empathy has been mooted as a necessary prerequisite for higher levels of engagement and immersion. More recently other forms of engagement, including intellectual/cognitive engagement, have been proposed. In this study we present a carefully controlled dataset of human-computer(More)
Boredom and disengagement metrics are key to accurately timed adaptive interventions in interactive systems. Psychological research suggests that boredom is a composite state incorporating cycles of lethargy and restlessness. Here we present innovative metrics of the components of boredom, based on motion capture and video analysis of head and shoulder(More)
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