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We evaluated the clinical feasibility of using drug-coated balloon (DCB) angioplasty in patients undergoing primary percutaneous coronary intervention (PPCI). Between January 2010 to September 2014, 89 ST-elevation myocardial infarction patients (83% male, mean age 59 ± 14 years) with a total of 89 coronary lesions were treated with DCB during PPCI.(More)
BACKGROUND Coronary angioplasty in advanced age is associated with higher rate of comorbidities and complications. Drug coated balloon only angioplasty (DCBA) has emerged as an alternative to treat small vessel coronary disease (SVCD), of reference vessel diameters <2.8 mm, with shorter duration of dual antiplatelet (DAPT). This is the first study to assess(More)
Recommender systems are used to filter through vast amounts of items and recommend those that potentially have the highest relevance for the user. Recently, research dealing with recommendations in academia increased. In this paper, we analyze to what extent social relations from existing data can be utilized to generate academic conference recommendations.(More)
A 56-year-old patient with a history of Parkinson's disease presented with palpitations and an apparently irregular narrow-complex tachycardia on electrocardiogram. The discrepancy in ventricular rate between the limb and precordial leads was the result of myopotentials from his tremors mimicking the QRS complexes in the limb leads. These myopotentials can(More)
Renal sympathetic denervation (RDN) is an emerging technique in the treatment of resistant hypertension, most commonly performed using an endovascular approach. Clinical and anatomical criteria for RDN are well established and imaging plays an integral role in selecting patients with suitable anatomy, procedural planning and device selection. Nevertheless,(More)
Method We report a case of 66 years Malay gentleman, diagnosed as large LV aneurysm (7.8 × 4.9 × 8.0 cm) secondary to previous anterior MI, Moderate aortic valve stenosis, Triple vessel coronary disease; underwent LV aneurysmectomy (Ferrazzi procedure) removal of LV thrombus, Sutureless aortic valve replacement (Perceval S), Coronary revascularization and(More)
BACKGROUND Stent delivery failure occurs in 4% of all percutaneous coronary interventions (PCIs) and >90% of these failures are due to vessel tortuosity and/or calcification. Stent performance of the newly launched Integrity coronary stent has markedly improved due to its novel manufacturing process utilizing continuous sinusoid technology. We sought to(More)
BACKGROUND Drug-coated balloons (DCB) have been used to treat de novo small vessel coronary disease (SVD), with promising results and shorter dual antiplatelet therapy (DAPT) duration compared to drug-eluting stents (DES). We compared safety and effectiveness of the two treatments at 1 year. METHODS We reviewed 3,613 angioplasty cases retrospectively from(More)
With approx. 6 million macro cells worldwide and a gross energy consumption of approx. 100 TWh per year as of 2013, mobile networks are one of the major energy consumers in the ICT sector. As trends, such as cloud-based services and other traffic-intensive mobile applications, fuel the growth of mobile traffic demands, operators of mobile telephony networks(More)
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