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We measured plasma salbutamol concentrations in 35 children with acute asthma attacks before and after nebulizer therapy. The main finding was that older children had higher concentrations than younger children, despite similar dosage regimens. There was no influence of severity of the asthma attack on the following measures: pre- and post-nebulizer(More)
BACKGROUND A randomized controlled trial showed that patients with grade III or IV internal hemorrhoids had similar symptomatic relief of symptoms up to 3 months following dearterialization with mucopexy or hemorrhoidectomy albeit with less postoperative pain after the former. This study aimed to compare hemorrhoidal recurrence and chronic complications at(More)
In order to assess the effect of body weight on cyclosporine disposition, 45 adult uremic candidates for renal transplantation underwent detailed nutritional assessment and pharmacokinetic analysis. There were 10 obese and 35 nonobese patients defined as actual body weight (ABW) greater than 125 Per cent of ideal body weight (IBW), and arm fat area greater(More)
A novel method is presented for creating a probability map from histologically defined cytoarchitectonic data, customised for the anatomy of individual fMRI volunteers. Postmortem structural and cytoarchitectonic information from a published dataset is combined with high resolution structural MR images using deformable registration of a region of interest.(More)
An epidemic of infection due to Mycoplasma pneumoniae occurred in Hong Kong in 1986-1988. One hundred and seventy-nine cases were identified at the Prince of Wales Hospital over this period. Clinically significant infection predominantly affected children under 12 years, with 32% of all infections occurring in children aged between 6 and 11 years, and 39%(More)
The harmonic and arithmetic mean values for volume of distribution at steady state, half-life, and clearance of intravenous cyclosporin-A were calculated using an index set of 22 renal transplant candidates to determine if harmonic mean values provide a less biased estimate of central tendency than arithmetic mean values. Cyclosporin-A was measured using a(More)
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