Julian Sulikowski

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Size and age estimates at sexual maturity were determined for 162 male and 273 female little skates Leucoraja erinacea collected from the western Gulf of Maine. Maturity ogives suggest that 50% maturity in females occurs at age 9.5 years and 480 mm total length (LT), whereas 50% maturity in males occurs at a slightly younger age of 7.7 years and smaller(More)
OBJECTIVES Postoperative adaptation of urinary bladder is a process involving all patients after kidney transplantation that is facilitated by improve surgical techniques and new perioperative protocols. METHODS The study enrolled 102 kidney transplant recipients whose transplantations were performed between 2000 and 2002. The function of urinary bladder(More)
Male and female spiny dogfish Squalus acanthias were collected in the western North Atlantic Ocean in the Gulf of Maine between July 2006 and June 2009. Squalus acanthias ranged from 25 to 102 cm stretch total length and were caught during all months of the year except January. Age estimates derived from banding patterns visible in both the vertebrae and(More)
Die bronchoskopische Diagnostik peripherer Lungentumore wird durch Atembewegungen und die schlechte Sichtbarkeit im Röntgenbild erschwert. Eine genaue 3D Lokalisation von Instrument und Zielgebiet kann nur durch stereoskopische Röntgenbilder erreicht werden. Bei sequentieller Aufnahme mit einem C-Bogen kann die Atmung zu Verschiebungen führen. Wir(More)
Age and size at sexual maturity was determined for 185 male and 96 female smooth skates Malacoraja senta (ranging in size from 370 to 680 mm total length L(T)), collected from the western Gulf of Maine. Maturity ogives for males, based on clasper length, testis mass and the proportion of mature spermatocysts in the testes, suggest that 50% maturity occurs(More)
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