Julian Schwartz

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SMIfp (SMILES fingerprint) is defined here as a scalar fingerprint describing organic molecules by counting the occurrences of 34 different symbols in their SMILES strings, which creates a 34-dimensional chemical space. Ligand-based virtual screening using the city-block distance CBD(SMIfp) as similarity measure provides good AUC values and enrichment(More)
The Chemical Universe Generated Databases up to 11 atoms of CNOF (GDB-11) and up to 13 atoms of CNOClS (GDB-13) were used to enumerate analogues of the diamine part of two known α7 nicotinic receptor agonists and construct libraries of virtual analogues of these drugs. The libraries were scored using structure-based (docking to the nicotine binding site of(More)
A proper description of the conformational equilibrium of polypeptides or proteins is essential for a correct description of their function. The conformational ensembles from 16 molecular dynamic simulations of two beta- heptapeptides were used to interpret the primary NMR data, which were also compared to a set of NMR model structures (see graphic).One of(More)
Herein, we report the discovery of the first potent and selective inhibitor of TRPV6, a calcium channel overexpressed in breast and prostate cancer, and its use to test the effect of blocking TRPV6-mediated Ca(2+)-influx on cell growth. The inhibitor was discovered through a computational method, xLOS, a 3D-shape and pharmacophore similarity algorithm, a(More)
The galactose specific lectin LecA mediates biofilm formation in the opportunistic pathogen P. aeruginosa . The interaction between LecA and aromatic β-galactoside biofilm inhibitors involves an intermolecular CH-π T-shape interaction between C(ε1)-H of residue His50 in LecA and the aromatic ring of the galactoside aglycone. The generality of this(More)
Nitrogen-vacancy (NV) centers in nanodiamond (ND) particles are an attractive material for photonic, quantum information, and biological sensing technologies due to their optical properties-bright single photon emission and long spin coherence time. To harness these features in practical devices, it is essential to realize efficient methods to assemble and(More)
Norbornapeptides (bicyclo[2.2.1]heptapeptides) and related bicyclic homodetic peptides were prepared by solid-phase peptide synthesis using an orthogonal protection scheme. These conformationally rigid peptides cover an almost pristine area of peptide topological space and adopt globular shapes similar to those of short α-helical peptides.
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