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In this paper, the problem of flooding management using hybrid model predictive control is presented and applied to the Ebro River in Spain. The Ebro river presents flooding episodes in the city of Zaragoza during spring when snow melts in the Pyrenees. To avoid flooding in living areas, some lands outside the city are prepared to be flooded. This paper(More)
The Breadth First Search (BFS) algorithm is the foundation and building block of many higher graph-based operations such as spanning trees, shortest paths and betweenness centrality. The importance of this algorithm increases each day due to it is a key requirement for many data structures which are becoming popular nowadays. When the BFS algorithm is(More)
This paper presents the low level control of an holonomic robot with four omnidirectional wheels. A robust control technique named Quantitative Feedback Theory (QFT), based on an uncertain linear model has been selected to design the PID speed controllers for the four-wheeled robot. A piecewise model has been estimated by means of the least squares(More)
Recent research projects have investigated partitioning, acceleration, and data reduction techniques for improving the performance of Breadth First Search (BFS) and the related HPC benchmark, Graph500. However, few implementations have focused on cloud-based systems like Amazon's Web Services, which differ from HPC systems in several ways, most importantly(More)
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