Julian Regalado

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The vascularised corticoperiosteal graft was introduced by Sakai and Doi, in 1991, as a means to achieve bony union under unfavourable conditions. We present our experience with this vascularised graft, taken from the femoral condyle, in six patients with difficult non-unions (5) or other bony problems (1) in the upper limb. In five cases, a long bone(More)
Death of tissue and/or deep infection leading to amputation is not an uncommon course of events after massive crush injuries of the central part of the hand. Management of this injury faces the dual problem of having to carry out debridement in the central part of the hand which is radical enough to remove all dead tissue but which, in itself, creates a(More)
To achieve permanent results for the correction of a drooping nasal tip, it is important to understand the mechanism responsible for the caudal rotation of the tip when a person speaks or smiles. This mechanism can be considered to depend on a "functional unity" formed by three components: (1) the cartilaginous framework (alar cartilages and accessories(More)
The purpose of this study was to conduct a retrospective analysis of the clinical spectrum, treatment and morbidity of the patients who have suffered high tension electrical injuries with current passage through their body (59 patients). Voltage, localization and surgical treatment seem to be the main factors influencing the lesion and the morbidity. The(More)
Sagittal rotational malunion after distal radius fractures was identified in eight patients by the presence of a "hinge" point on the volar cortex on the lateral radiograph, and the ulnar head being shorter than the anterior lip of the radius on the posterior-anterior radiograph. The surgical correction consisted of preplating the distal fragment with a(More)
In this paper the authors introduce a retrospective study of the incidence of infectious processes in the Burns Unit of the Cruces Hospital (Bilbao), in those patients treated between 1995 and 1998, and who needed, for different reasons, mechanical ventilatory support. The most common microorganisms found in wound cultures, plugged telescoping catheter and(More)
Moises Exposito-Alonso 1 , Rocío Gómez Rodríguez 2 , Cristina Barragán 1 , Giovanna Capovilla 1 , Eunyoung Chae 1 , Jane Devos 1 , Ezgi S. Dogan 1 , Claudia Friedemann 1 , Caspar Gross 1 , Patricia Lang 1 , Derek Lundberg 1 , Vera Middendorf 1 , Jorge Kageyama 1 , Talia Karasov 1 , Sonja Kersten 1 , Sebastian Petersen 1 , Leily Rabbani 1 , (More)
A technique for arthroscopic all-inside suturing in the wrist is presented. The procedure allows placement of the knot inside the joint without additional incisions. We have applied it in cases of dorsal, foveal and coronal tears of the triangular fibrocartilage. No special instrument is required apart from a Tuohy needle.
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