Julian Pineda

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BACKGROUND A series of monozygotic (MZ) twin pairs discordant for premature ovarian failure presented an unusual opportunity to study ovarian transplantation. METHODS Ten MZ twin pairs requested ovarian transplantation and eight have undergone transplantation with cryopreservation of spare tissue. Seven had a fresh cortical tissue transplant, one of whom(More)
Seven out of 8 patients with endometriosis demonstrated levels of CA-125 antigen above 35 U/ml. None of 15 patients with other benign gynecologic diagnoses demonstrated elevated levels. This antigen has been proposed as a tumor marker for epithelial carcinoma and other gynecologic neoplasms. However, it cannot be used to differentiate clinically between(More)
INTRODUCTION As there are still doubts about brain connectivity in type I bipolar disorder (BID), resting-state functional magnetic resonance imaging (RS-fMRI) studies are necessary during euthymia for a better control of confounding factors. OBJECTIVE To evaluate the differences in brain activation between euthymic BID patients and control subjects using(More)
Among others effects, some brain diseases affect the integrity of some brain tissues and structures. One effect of these changes is the volume loss of some brain structures, therefore, by calculating the volume of the main brain structures and comparing them with the distribution of these volumes on a group of healthy subjects could be a good strategy for(More)
The administration of a DICOM network within an imaging healthcare institution requires tools that allow for monitoring of connectivity and availability for adequate uptime measurements and help guide technology management strategies. We present the implementation of an open-source widget for the Dashing framework that provides basic dashboard functionality(More)
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