Julian Oppermann

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—The Nymble compiler system accepts C code, annotated by the user with partitioning directives, and translates the indicated parts into hardware accelerators for execution on FPGA-based reconfigurable computers. The interface logic between the remaining software parts and the accelerators is automatically created, taking into account details such as cache(More)
—With the growing maturity of high-level synthesis systems, the attractive capabilities of architectures relying on reconfigurable computing have become accessible to a wider range of developers. A promising next step of research is the efficient mapping of the high-level descriptions in languages such as C to more powerful micro-architecture templates. One(More)
In high-level synthesis, loop pipelining is a technique to improve the throughput and utilisation of hardware datapaths by starting new loop iterations after a fixed amount of time, called the initiation interval (II), allowing to overlap subsequent iterations. The problem is to find the smallest II and corresponding operation schedule that fulfils all data(More)
die Abhängigkeitsanalyse ist eine statische Vorhersage der Speicherzugrie. Für die Analyse aner Zugrie auf statische Arrays existieren praxistaugliche Verfahren. Dy-namische Datenstrukturen auf dem Heap, so wie sie objektorientierte Programme oft verwenden, sind problematisch für die Analyse und ein aktuelles Forschungsthema.
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