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Business process modelling and workflow process execution are often conducted in diverse environments and described using diverse process definition languages. Such systems often underpin distributed collaboration systems, but there is a current need to allow developers to use existing and familiar design methodologies and tools to design these systems.(More)
Formal Concept Analysis (FCA) is a concept clustering approach that has been widely applied in ontology learning. In our work, we present an innovative approach to generating information context from a tentative domain specified scientific corpus and mapping a concept lattice to a formal ontology. The application of the proposed approach to Semantic Web(More)
Existing software systems designed to support learning do not adequately provide for vicarious learning in a cross-institutional collaborative environment. We have developed an architecture based on role-based access control, which provides the necessary security, robustness, flexibility, and explicit formulation of policy. Such an architecture is general(More)
Presents initial findings in evaluating specific requirements for software process improvement in geographically distributed processes and suggests possible solution approaches. A case study was designed with the purpose of identifying key issues of successful software development in a geographically distributed environment. The results of the case study(More)
Given mobile phone penetration statistics and current mobile phone technical specifications, it is apparent that in developed countries, the majority of citizens carry not just mobile phones, but true mobile computing devices. These devices are still primarily used for telephony, although information access is slowly emerging as a popular service on these(More)
The concept of the Virtual Software Corporation (VSC) has recently become a practical reality as a result of advances in communication and distributed technologies. However, there are significant difficulties with the management of the software development process within a VSC. The main problem is the significantly increased communicational complexity of(More)