Julian Mendez

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Wikidata is the central data management platform of Wikipedia. By the efforts of thousands of volunteers, the project has produced a large, open knowledge base with many interesting applications. The data is highly interlinked and connected to many other datasets, but it is also very rich, complex, and not available in RDF. To address this issue, we(More)
The CEL system is known for its scalability of reasoning in the lightweight DL EL which has been proved suitable for several ontology applications, most notably from the life science domain. Recently, the DL EL has been adopted as the logical underpinning of the OWL 2 EL profile of the new Web Ontology Language which potentially attracts new folks of CEL’s(More)
jcel is a reasoner for the description logic EL that uses a rule-based completion algorithm. These algorithms are used to get subsumptions in the lightweight description logic EL and its extensions. One of these extensions is EL, a description logic with restricted expressivity, but used in formal representation of biomedical ontologies. These ontologies(More)
Completion algorithms for subsumption are investigated for many extensions of the description logic EL. While for several of them subsumption is tractable, this is no longer the case, if inverse roles are admitted. In this paper we present an optimized version of the completion algorithm for ELHIfR+ [11], which is implemented in jCel. The completion sets(More)
UEL is a system that computes unifiers for unification problems formulated in the description logic EL. EL is a description logic with restricted expressivity, but which is still expressive enough for the formal representation of biomedical ontologies, such as the large medical ontology SNOMEDCT.We propose to use UEL as a tool to detect redundancies in such(More)
The Major Histocompatibility Complex is the main genetic contributor to susceptibility to type 1 diabetes (T1D); genome-wide scans have consistently mapped increased predisposition to this region. The highest disease risk has been associated with HLA-DR3 and HLA-DR4. In particular, the DR3-positive ancestral haplotype 18.2 was reported as highly(More)
The regulatory properties of maize phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase were significantly altered by site-directed mutagenesis of residues 226 through 232. This conserved sequence element, RTDEIRR, is part of a surface loop at the dimer interface. Mutation of individual residues in this sequence caused various kinetic changes, including desensitization of the(More)
For service management systems the early recognition of situations that necessitate a rebinding or a migration of services is an important task. To describe these situations on differing levels of detail and to allow their recognition even if only incomplete information is available, we employ the ontology language OWL 2 and the reasoning services defined(More)
Runtime variability management of component-based software systems allows to consider the current context of a system for system configuration to achieve energy-efficiency. For optimizing the system configuration at runtime, the early recognition of situations apt to reconfiguration is an important task. To describe these situations on differing levels of(More)