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Clarification of Massonia echinata and some other frequently misunderstood Massonia species (Asparagaceae, Scilloideae), with the description of M. pseudoechinata and M. roggeveldensis
This study shows that the current concept of M. echinata, including M. angustifolia and M. lanceolata as synonyms, includes two unpublished species which are here described as M. pseudoechinata andM.
Iosanthus (Hyacinthaceae subfam. Urgineoideae), a new genus from Southern Africa to include Ornithogalum toxicarium and its removal from Ornithogaloideae
A new genus from Southern Africa is described based on morphological and genetic data covering numerous samples from its whole range of distribution and its isolated phylogenetic position within subfamily Urgineoideae that facilitates the description of the new genus.
Massonia obermeyerae (Asparagaceae, Scilloideae), a new species from South Africa
A new species, M. obermeyerae is here described from South Africa, which is at first sight similar to M. depressa, but it differs in the inflorescence and flower morphology, as well as its distribution.