Julian M. Hughes

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Eosinophils are present throughout the airway wall of asthmatics. The nature of the interaction between human airway smooth muscle cells (ASMC) and eosinophils was investigated in this study. We demonstrated, using light microscopy, that freshly isolated eosinophils from healthy donors rapidly attach to ASMC in vitro. Numbers of attached eosinophils were(More)
In asthma, the airway smooth muscle (ASM) produces CXCL10 which may attract CXCR3(+) mast/T cells to it. Our aim was to investigate the effects of mast cell products on ASM cell CXCL10 production. ASM cells from people with and without asthma were stimulated with IL-1 β , TNF- α , and/or IFN γ and treated with histamine (1-100  μ M) ± chlorpheniramine (H1R(More)
Residents in care homes are more likely to be prescribed multiple medicines yet often have little involvement in these prescribing decisions. Reviewing and stopping inappropriate medicines is not currently adopted across the health economy. This Health Foundation funded Shine project developed a pragmatic approach to optimising medicines in care homes while(More)
Physoclist fish are able to regulate their buoyancy by secreting gas into their hydrostatic organ, the swim bladder, as they descend through the water column and by resorbing gas from their swim bladder as they ascend. Physoclists are restricted in their vertical movements due to increases in swim bladder gas volume that occur as a result of a reduction in(More)
Modulation of nucleic acid antimetabolite cytotoxicity by preformed purines and pyrimidines may not only complicate the interpretation of drug sensitivity tests and other in vitro studies but also adversely affect treatment in vivo. Previously we reported that in a lymphocyte clonal assay, thymidine and hypoxanthine released from dead or damaged cells(More)
A lymphocyte clonal assay developed to quantitate in vivo somatic cell mutations at the hypoxanthine-guanine phosphoribosyltransferase locus was modified in order to study resistance to methotrexate. Even though nucleoside-free culture conditions were used methotrexate was not lethal to lymphocytes plated into micro-wells at greater than 10(2) cells/well.(More)
Understanding the movement dynamics of marine fish provides valuable information that can assist with species management, particularly regarding protection within marine protected areas (MPAs). We performed an acoustic tagging study implemented within the Port Stephens-Great Lakes Marine Park on the mid-north coast of New South Wales, Australia, to assess(More)
[1] A study of the cross–polar cap potential estimated by the HF Super Dual Auroral Radar Network (SuperDARN) during periods of steady interplanetary magnetic field (IMF) and solar wind velocity is presented. The potential estimates were examined as time series along with time series of the IMF and solar wind. In addition, the data were examined(More)
Knowledge of the influence of both spatial and temporal environmental gradients on life history traits and population demographics is a critical requirement in the management of exploited fish populations. This study examined variation in the demographics of Arripis trutta, an economically-important pelagic fish species with a broad latitudinal distribution(More)
Patterns in the timing of spawning of the eastern Australian river garfish Hyporhamphus regularis ardelio were investigated by sampling fish throughout 24 h during their peak spawning period. Patterns in gonadosomatic indices, the presence of hydrated oocytes and post-ovulatory follicles in histological ovary sections, together with previously demonstrated(More)