Julian M. Allwood

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—Actuators that bend slice lips are commonly used in cross-directional (CD) control systems for paper making and plastic film extrusion. A dynamic model of these actuators is developed which is used to investigate their spatial modes and dynamic responses. The model shows that both the shape and the amplitude of the spatial response depend upon the(More)
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Mitigation plans to combat climate change depend on the combined implementation of many abatement options, but the options interact. Published anthropogenic emissions inventories are disaggregated by gas, sector, country, or final energy form. This allows the assessment of novel energy supply options, but is insufficient for understanding how options for(More)
Ring-rolling is an industrial forming process for producing high-strength seamless metal rings up to 6m diameter. Thick-walled cylindrical rings of material, typically metallic alloys, are compressed between two or more internal and external rollers and rotated until a target geometry, often outer diameter, is achieved. A common plant configuration is that(More)
Over one-quarter of steel produced annually is used in the construction of buildings. Making this steel causes carbon dioxide emissions, which climate change experts recommend be reduced by half in the next 37 years. One option to achieve this is to design and build more efficiently, still delivering the same service from buildings but using less steel to(More)