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Parasites, being an integral part of every ecosystem and trophically transmitted along the food webs, can provide detailed insights into the structure of food webs and can close the information gap between short-term stomach content analyses and long-term fish otolith analyses. They are useful for tracking ontogenetic shifts in the host’s diet, the(More)
Parasitic anisakid nematodes commonly occur in the musculature and visceral organs of many fish species from the North Atlantic. In this respect, the presence of the third stage larvae of Anisakis spp. in the fish musculature may pose a potential consumer hazard due to the parasite's ability to cause anisakidosis. Thus, knowledge on the occurrence and(More)
The extreme, isolated environment within the Antarctic Convergence has fuelled the evolution of a highly endemic fauna with unique adaptations. One species known from this area is the Whitson’s grenadier Macrourus whitsoni (Regan, 1913). While closely related species occurring in the Northern Hemisphere were targets of a variety of studies, knowledge on M.(More)
Un essai de prégermination et de plantations différées a été effectué de 1973 à 1977 avec trois variétés de pommes de terre qui présentent une bonne aptitude pour la transformation technologique. La prégermination des plants pendant 6 et 12 semaines permet d'avancer la levée des cultures de 10–12 jours par rapport à l'utilisation de plants non prégermés. Un(More)
L'étude de la tubérisation exposée ci-dessus résulte de deux années d'expérimentation sur 8 variétés de l'Assortiment officiel suisse, examinées en procédant à 5 arrachages successifs de 30 plantes chacun. Au moment de ces arrachages, effectués plante par plante, nous dénombrons les tiges principales et axillaires, les tubercules ébauchés et formés; nous(More)
Seit 1929, vier Jahre nach Gründung der Vereinigung Schweiz. Versuchs- und Vermittlungstellen für Saatkartoffeln (V.S.V.V.S.), wird die Qualität des gelieferten Import- und Inlandsaatgutes in den Herkunftsprüfungen durch Auspflanzung von 100 Knollen umfassenden Mustern systematisch überwacht. Die Ergebnisse dieser Prüfungsfelder, welche in den(More)
It is the aim of a series of investigations to test whether or not beta-pentachloro-1-cyclohexene is an intermediate in the biodegradation of alpha-hexachlorocyclohexane. This paper describes attempts to synthesize this intermediate by chemical methods. 1) Pentachlorocyclohexene was synthesized by partial additive chlorination of chlorobenzene. Combined gas(More)
As members of the Notothenioidei - the dominant fish taxon in Antarctic waters - the family Bathydraconidae includes 12 genera and 17 species. The knowledge of these species inhabiting an isolated environment is rather fragmentary, including their parasite fauna. Studies on fish hosts and their associated parasites can help gain insights into even remote(More)