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In poly-traumatic patients a blunt chest trauma is an important trigger of the posttraumatic systemic inflammatory response. There is clinical evidence that fracture healing is delayed in such patients, however, experimental data are lacking. Therefore, we investigated the influence of a thoracic trauma on fracture healing in a rat model. Male Wistar rats(More)
In this paper, we propose a novel raindrop shape model for the detection of view-disturbing, adherent raindrops on inclined surfaces. Whereas state-of-the-art techniques do not consider inclined surfaces because they assume the droplets as sphere sections with equal contact angles, our model incorporates cubic Bézier curves that provide a low dimensional(More)
Confirming clinical evidence, we recently demonstrated that a blunt chest trauma considerably impaired fracture healing in rats, possibly via the interaction of posttraumatic systemic inflammation with local healing processes, the underlying mechanisms being unknown. An important trigger of systemic inflammation is the complement system, with the potent(More)
The elephant has an extraordinary long pregnancy, lasting 21 months. However, knowledge on embryo development is limited. To date, only single morphological observations of elephant embryo development associated with placentation are available, all lacking correlation to gestational age. The present study describes morphological characteristics of early(More)
Three-dimensional (3D)/four-dimensional (4D) volume ultrasound is an established method in human medicine that offers various options for analysing and presenting ultrasound volume data. However, the successful application of the different 3D/4D imaging modalities in pregnant dogs and cats has not yet been reported in the literature. The main reasons for(More)