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The business model concept is characterized by numerous fields of application which are promising in business practice. Consequently, research on business models has attracted increasing attention in the scientific world. However, for a successful utilization, the widely-criticized lack of theoretical consensus in this field of research has to be overcome.(More)
In der Wirtschaftsinformatik werden Modelle zur Entwicklung von Informationssystemen eingesetzt. Trotz der inhärenten Komplexitätsreduzie-rung weisen diese häufig einen komplexen Charakter auf. Der wahrgenommene Nutzen durch den Modellnutzer ist daher vermindert. Dies wird intensiviert, wenn mehrere Subjekte aus unterschiedlichen Domänen bei der(More)
Viewpoint-based modeling is an important recent development in software engineering. It is likely to boost the wider use of modeling techniques because it allows to tailor existing tools with respect to the different stakeholders in software design. The paper reports on results from the VIBAM project in which viewpoint concepts are investigated. We give an(More)
The growing commercial use of modern information and communication technology with the simultaneous transition of traditional to digital businesses led to the realization of many innovative business ideas forming a new digital competitive landscape. As an appropriate means to analyze this new competitive landscape, the business model concept has prevailed(More)