Julian J. W. Wilson

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In a series of simulations with the global ECHAM5-HAM aerosol-climate model, the response to changes in anthropogenic emissions is analyzed. Traditionally, additivity is assumed in the assessment of the aerosol climate impact, as the underlying bulk aerosol models are largely constrained to linearity. The microphysical aerosol module HAM establishes degrees(More)
During the development programme, it was determined that the Advanced Scatterometer Radar, now embarked on METOP-A could not meet its stringent radiometric requirements without regular, accurate, calibration. It was not believed that the stability requirements of 0.2dB or better could be met by natural sources such as rain forest or simple corner(More)
Lead authors: Jost Heintzenberg · Frank Raes · Stephen E. Schwartz Co-authors: Ingmar Ackermann · Paulo Artaxo · Timothy S. Bates · Carmen Benkovitz · Keith Bigg · Tami Bond · Jean-Louis Brenguier Fred L. Eisele · Johann Feichter · Andrea I. Flossman · Sandro Fuzzi · Hans-F. Graf · Jeremy M. Hales · Hartmut Herrmann Thorsten Hoffman · Barry Huebert · Rudolf(More)
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