Julian J. W. Wilson

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A method is described whereby the electrical activity in the masseter muscles is used as an index of chewing force. By using the kinesiograph, it was possible to determine the interrelationship of the phases of the chewing cycle and to measure the duration of each phase. On the basis of a pilot study of 10 dentate subjects and two complete denture wearers,(More)
The right of publication in print, electronic and any other form and in any language is reserved by WMO. Short extracts from WMO publications may be reproduced without authorization, provided that the complete source is clearly indicated. NOTE The designations employed in WMO publications and the presentation of material in this publication do not imply the(More)
During the development programme, it was determined that the Advanced Scatterometer Radar, now embarked on METOP-A could not meet its stringent radiometric requirements without regular, accurate, calibration. It was not believed that the stability requirements of 0.2dB or better could be met by natural sources such as rain forest or simple corner(More)
Between 1970 and 1990 the major advances in atmospheric chemistry were made in gas-phase photochem-istry, except perhaps for a brief intermezzo of " nuclear winter " studies. This focus is now shifting, as it is rec-ognised that natural and anthropogenic aerosols play a substantial role in the radiative properties of the atmosphere and Earth's climate. In(More)