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Dependency-dependent interference: NPI interference, agreement attraction, and global pragmatic inferences
Previous psycholinguistics studies have shown that when forming a long distance dependency in online processing, the parser sometimes accepts a sentence even though the required grammaticalExpand
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Effects of Speaker Evaluation on Phonetic Convergence
We show that the extent of phonetic convergence (and divergence) depends on the speaker’s disposition towards an interlocutor, but not on more “macro” social variables. Expand
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Effects of Working Memory Capacity and "Autistic" Traits on Phonotactic Effects in Speech Perception
Individual differences in cognitive processing style have recently been hypothesized as an important source of systematic variability in speech processing. This study offers further evidence inExpand
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Semantic and pragmatic processes in the comprehension of negation: An event related potential study of negative polarity sensitivity
We make use of the negation-sensitivity of negative polarity items (NPIs) and examine the time course of processing different kinds of negation. Expand
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Ellipsis sites induce structural priming effects
Exposure to verb phrase ellipsis in English with double-object or prepositional ditransitive antecedents affects syntactic choices in subsequent sentence production, inducing speakers to favor theExpand
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The Polish Group in the United States
The Lexical Semantics of Much : Conversion from Intervals to Degrees
• Degree modifier much: an illustration of the lexical semantics of much in general. • What accounts for contrasts in felicity like the following? (1) a. a much read book b. # a much written book •Expand
German Relative Clauses and the Severed Index Hypothesis
Schwarz (2009) analyzes the distinction between the two form as follows. The weak form is used when an NP’s referent is unique, while the strong form is required when it is also anaphoric, i.e., whenExpand
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Singular count pseudo-partitives 1
Inversion-constructions, like too tasty of a cake and a disaster of a conference, have generally been treated separately from superficially similar-looking pseudo-partitives, like three gallons ofExpand
Structural priming in production through ‘silence’: An investigation of verb phrase ellipsis and null complement anaphora
There are two common competing conceptions of how ellipsis can be resolved: in the first, ellipsis is resolved by constructing unpronounced syntactic representations at the ellipsis site; in theExpand
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