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German “Grand Strategy” and the Rise of Neoliberalism
This article examines the central role of the West German state in the transition from the golden to the global age of capitalism in the crisis decade of the 1970s. I argue that in order to keep theExpand
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Pivotal Crisis: State Power and Social Forces in the Making of Neoliberal Capitalism
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Beyond ‘geo-economics’: Advanced unevenness and the anatomy of German austerity
This article aims to shed new light on Germany’s domineering role in the eurocrisis. I argue that the realist-inspired depiction of Germany as a ‘geo-economic power’, locked into zero-sum competitionExpand
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State-led or Capital-driven? The Fall of Bretton Woods and the German Currency Float Reconsidered
This article argues that the lead role of West Germany in the transition from fixed to floating exchange rates sits uneasily with accounts that conceptualise the breakdown of Bretton Woods in termsExpand
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Hegemony, Discursive Struggle, and Voluntary Guidelines on the 'Right to Food': A Study in the Negotiation of Meaning
Drawing on a neo-Gramscian conception of global civil society as a sphere where world order is ideologically sustained and contested, this paper examines the extent to which the idea of a human rightExpand
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Book Review: Gender Justice, Development, and Rights Maxine Molyneux and Shahra Razavi, eds.; Oxford and New York: Oxford University Press, 2002, xii + 492 pp., $39.95 (paperback)
presenting a critique–with the exceptions of Nussbaum, Hill, and of Gasper and van Staveren— particularly from a radical perspective. Yet, Sen’s enormous contributions present plenty of opportunitiesExpand
Managerial power in the German model: the case of Bertelsmann and the antecedents of neoliberalism
ABSTRACT Our article extends research on authoritarian neoliberalism to Germany, through a history of the Bertelsmann media corporation – sponsor and namesake of Germany’s most influential neoliberalExpand
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