Julian E. Sale

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Unlike histone H3, which is present only in S phase, the variant histone H3.3 is expressed throughout the cell cycle [1] and is incorporated into chromatin independent of replication [2]. Recently, H3.3 has been implicated in the cellular response to ultraviolet (UV) light [3]. Here, we show that chicken DT40 cells completely lacking H3.3 are hypersensitive(More)
G quadruplexes (G4s) can present potent blocks to DNA replication. Accurate and timely replication of G4s in vertebrates requires multiple specialized DNA helicases and polymerases to prevent genetic and epigenetic instability. Here we report that PrimPol, a recently described primase-polymerase (PrimPol), plays a crucial role in the bypass of leading(More)
G-quadruplex (G4)-forming genomic sequences, including telomeres, represent natural replication fork barriers. Stalled replication forks can be stabilized and restarted by homologous recombination (HR), which also repairs DNA double-strand breaks (DSBs) arising at collapsed forks. We have previously shown that HR facilitates telomere replication. Here, we(More)
Nucleotide pool imbalance has been proposed to drive genetic instability in cancer. Here, we show that slowing replication forks by depleting nucleotide pools with hydroxyurea (HU) can also give rise to both transient and permanent epigenetic instability of a reporter locus, BU-1, in DT40 cells. HU induces stochastic formation of Bu-1(low) variants in(More)
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