Julian D D Klein

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Angiotensin II AT1 receptor signal transduction has recently been shown to function through the phospholipase C isozyme, PLC-gamma. Since PLC-gamma is known to interact with phosphotyrosine containing proteins through SH2 domains, we examined the phosphorylation state of the AT1 receptor. Immunoprecipitation of the [32P] labeled AT1 receptor from rat aortic(More)
We have shown that heat shock proteins (HSPs) associated with steroid receptor complexes are involved in the activation of calcineurin by aldosterone and dexamethasone. To determine whether HSPs directly interact with calcineurin, we measured the effect of HSPs 90, 70 and 56 on calcineurin activity in a cell-free, in vitro system using a(More)
A protease has been purified by ion-exchange chromatography from the venom of Agkistrodon contortrix contortrix (Southern copperhead snake) that can activate the vitamin K dependent protein, protein C. The apparent molecular weight of this protease, determined by sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, was 20,000 under nonreducing(More)
Tissue regeneration depends on the timely activation of adult stem cells. In skeletal muscle, the adult stem cells maintain a quiescent state and proliferate upon injury. We show that muscle stem cells (MuSCs) use direct translational repression to maintain the quiescent state. High-resolution single-molecule and single-cell analyses demonstrate that(More)
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