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We describe the development of a Go playing computer program that combines the use of hard Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques (alpha-beta search trees) with soft AI techniques (neural networks). The concept is based on a model of human play where selection of plausible moves is made using a gestalt process based on experience and the plausible moves(More)
We describe a hybrid Artificial Intelligence (AI) approach combining soft AI techniques (neural networks) and hard AI methods (alpha-beta game tree search), in an attempt to approximate human play more accurately, in particular with reference to the game of Go. The program is tested and analysed by play against another Go playing program and it is shown(More)
Evaluation and follow-up are an integral part of business today. For the creative management consultant, it presents the challenge of incorporating as many feedback mechanisms as possible into the consultation process itself. The management consultation then becomes a continuously evolving, self-correcting service designed to better meet the needs of the(More)
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