Julian Chollet

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Although polyomavirus JC (JCV) is the proven pathogen of progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy, the fatal demyelinating disease, this virus is ubiquitous as a usually harmless symbiote among human beings. JCV propagates in the adult kidney and excretes its progeny in urine, from which JCV DNA can readily be recovered. The main mode of transmission of(More)
Understanding the topologies and functions of protein interaction networks requires the selective removal of single interactions. We introduce a selection strategy that enriches among a random library of alleles for mutations that impair the binding to a given partner protein. The selection makes use of a split-ubiquitin based protein interaction assay.(More)
In the past, the essential part of the activity of the parasitology laboratory of the Centre National d'Elevage et de Recherches Vétérinaires (CNERV) was represented by diagnostic work that enabled the construction of an inventory of local parasitic fauna and a good collection of specimens. However, the small and irregular number of samples each year, led(More)
Cooperia pectinata Ransom, 1907 and C. punctata von Linstow, 1907 are common trichostrongyles of zebu cattle in Africa. Their intestinal localization within the digestive tract is considered by many authors to be exclusive. Nevertheless, some limited surveys in Malagasy, Mauritania, The Gambia and Cameroon reported the presence of both Cooperia species in(More)
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