Julian Chang

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The proposed novel ladder climbing trainer has two operation areas, a 90° vertical area and a 75° inclination area. The innovative ladder climbing trainer has not only an active control module which uses external power to drive a direct current (DC) motor but also passive power which is directly actuated by the motion of the user. The design(More)
Using a combination of the cart-seesaw and the inverted pendulum system, this paper presents a novel laboratory apparatus called the cart-pendulum-seesaw (CPS) system. The proposed pneumatic CPS is a classic example of a super articulated mechanical system (SAMS). The resulting system has two inputs: a force applied to the cart and another force applied to(More)
The objectives of the research are to develop a novel balancing approach for a novel SAMS model which is called cart-seesaw system. The investigation is using fuzzy logic rule incorporates fuzzy coordinator compensation to drive the sliding carts and keep the seesaw angle close to zero in the equilibrium state. Experimental results indicate that utilizing(More)
Zero-Moment Point (ZMP) is the most popular concept that is applied to stabilize the gait motion of a biped robot. However, the computation of the ZMP position and the dynamic model is highly complex, and so requires a considerable time. Therefore, to eliminate complex computation, this work designs a new locomotion control system for humanoid robots, which(More)
This paper describes mechanical configuration and control environment for a new cart-seesaw system. The system consists of a cart, which slides on the pneumatic rodless cylinder. The rodless cylinder is a double-acting one with carrier bracket on which a cart has been pinion mechanism to tracks. The task of the cart-seesaw system is to bring the cart to(More)
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