Julian C Smit

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Traditional predictors of academic performance in college, such as measures of verbal and mathematical abilities [i.e., Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)] and academic achievement (i.e., high school GPA), often account for less than 25% of the variance in college performance, thus leaving a considerable amount of variance unexplained. The primary goal of this(More)
A study was undertaken to show that the determination of glomerular filtration rate with radio-labelled sodium chromate ethylenediaminetetra-acetic acid is a repeatable, easily performed and accurate examination in the critically ill patient. Differences in glomerular filtration rate were relatively small, with a phase difference of between -10,59 and 5,34.(More)
The Student Attitudes Toward School Safety Measures (SATSSM) instrument was developed as a new tool to assess high school students' attitudes towards school safety promotion methods. A theory-based pool of statements was scaled using Thurstone's equal appearing interval method by 186 student judges to yield a 30-item instrument. The draft version was(More)
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