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Standard image processing techniques which are used to enhance noncoherent optically produced images are not applicable to radar images due to the coherent nature of the radar imaging process. A model for the radar imaging process is derived in this paper and a method for smoothing noisy radar images is also presented. The imaging model shows that the radar(More)
Speckle noise usually occurs in Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) images due to coherent radiation. Speckle reduction is a mandatory step prior to the processing of SAR images. Here a novel de-speckling scheme is presented which is in line with the wavelet transform based schemes with several modifications due to the implementation of directionlet transform.(More)
SAR images are corrupted by speckle noise which is based on multiplicative noise or Reyleigh noise. The speckle degrades the quality of image and makes interpretations, analysis and classifications of SAR images harder. Therefore some speckle mitigation is necessary prior to the processing of SAR images. In this paper a new method is proposed for(More)
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