Julian Bonilla Alarcon

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DNA vaccines have been termed The Third Generation of Vaccines. The recent successful immunization of experimental animals against a range of infectious agents and several tumour models of disease with plasmid DNA testifies to the powerful nature of this revolutionary approach in vaccinology. Among numerous advantages, a major attraction of DNA vaccines(More)
The 23 kDa transmembrane surface protein of schistosomes is of recognized interest in studies of immune responsiveness in schistosomiasis. To examine the immunogenicity of the 23 kDa antigen of Schistosoma japonicum, Sj23, when delivered by genetic immunization, mice were immunized using a DNA construct containing the Sj23 cDNA under the control of a CMV(More)
This paper introduces a convex formulation approach for the initialization of parameter estimation problems (PEP). The proposed method exploits the parameter-affine feature exhibited by some dynamic systems. The method attempts to solve a related convex problem and uses its result as the initial guess for the solution of the original nonconvex PEP. The(More)
This paper proposes an initialization approach for parameter estimation problems (PEPs) involving parameter-affine dynamic models. By using the state measurements, the nonconvex PEP is modified such that a convex approximation to the original PEP is obtained. The modified problem is solved by vailable online 5 November 2009 eywords: arameter estimation(More)
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