Julian Benetato Guiran

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OBJECTIVES We evaluated the role of gender on clinical and angiographic results of the everolimus-eluting stent in the SPIRIT III trial. BACKGROUND The SPIRIT III trial demonstrated superior efficacy of the XIENCE V everolimus-eluting stent compared with the TAXUS paclitaxel-eluting stent. Whether these results are applicable to women is unknown. (More)
The threshold for pacemaking by electrical stimulation is always above the threshold of excitation; it is possible to observe a progression, with intermittent capture and then loss of control, if the amplitude of the stimulus is progressively increased and then decreased. It has also been shown that, after a few minutes of stimulation, it is possible to(More)
Nodal conduction is usually studied by tracing the H1 H2 on function of A1 A2 curves. If one interpolates a PVC before A1, there is a decrease in H1 H2. This might be explained by an A1 H1 interval lengthening (delta A1 H1). This study was done on 14 consecutive patients in whom a PVC can be interpolated (blocked at the A-V junction). In the majority of(More)
A new case of bi-directional tachycardia is reported. Intracavitary recordings show that the site of the disorder lies below the main trunk of the bundle if His. Analysis of the surface electrocardiogram and of electrical stimulation has led to a number of arguments for the hypothesis of a reentry circuit which uses the right branch in the reverse(More)
Electrical stimulation synchronized on spontaneous or paced cardiac rhythms demonstrates, in dogs : 1) phenomena of intermittent capture (I.C.), and intermittent loss (I.L.) of control, at all moments in the idastole ; 2) constant lowering of Excitability Threshold (E.T.) and Pacing Threshold (P.T.). These experiments confirm the existence of Resistance(More)