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Subglottic cysts are associated with prematurity and periods of early neonatal intubation and are a rare cause of infant stridor. In this study we analyse our experience of this rare but important problem. We discuss the aetiology, diagnosis and management of subglottic cysts. We carried out a retrospective review of all cases of subglottic cysts presenting(More)
Two elderly patients with unusual hair-follicle tumors of the face are reported. The lesions showed some histologic resemblance to pilomatrixomas but differed by the presence at the advancing edge of cytologically-atypical cells without the usual shadow cell transformation and maturation of pilomatrixomas. The term matrical carcinoma is proposed for these(More)
Benazepril (Lotensin) is an ACE inhibitor that can be safely used in renal and liver disease. Statistical analysis of both single and repeated 10 mg oral doses shows no significant difference in action between young patients and those over 55. All ACE inhibitor drugs are in a homogenous class. One advantage that benazepril has over the others is(More)
BACKGROUND In an academic center, plastic surgery provides multiple important and distinct services. Limited data exist on how each service affects a department clinically and financially. METHODS All new patient consultations and surgical cases between 2004 and 2012 were reviewed. Conversion rates from consultation to surgery and relative value units(More)
Patient non-compliance is regarded as a major cause of treatment failure in tuberculosis. In view of the rising tuberculosis incidence rate in the western Cape it was decided to determine which factors were related to treatment compliance. Information about patients on treatment for tuberculosis was obtained from 75% of the 68 local authorities surveyed(More)
Four haematinic supplements--Slow-Fe, FGF, Ferro-Gradumet and Ferro-Grad tfolic--were prospectively studied in 103 healthy pregnant patients. Significant differences in the mean cell counts, haematocrit values, haemoglobin levels, iron-binding capacities and serum folate levels were noted. The changes paralleled the elemental iron present in the compount.(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe the characteristics and outcomes of doctors whose drug authorities were withdrawn as a result of self-administering opioids for non-medical purposes. DESIGN Retrospective review of New South Wales Health Department information relating to all doctors whose authorities to possess, supply, prescribe or administer drugs of addiction had(More)
BACKGROUND Metal fume fever (MFF) is a well-known complication of zinc oxide fume inhalation. Prompt recognition of this condition is essential for the proper medical management of this self-limited disease. AIM To present a unique and unusual case of MFF. RESULTS Our patient is a 25-year-old male welder who had MFF and presented with aseptic meningitis(More)
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