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Process oriented knowledge management focuses on knowledge intensive business processes. For modelling and analysis of these processes the modelling technique KMDL (Knowledge Modeling and Description Language) has been developed. KMDL is a method to describe knowledge flows and conversions along and between business processes. Thereby KMDL identifies(More)
Die Arbeit stellt einen Ausschnitt der Ergebnisse einer qualitativen Untersuchung zum Thema Wissenstransfer und interne Unternehmens-kommunikation, die in neun internationalen Unternehmen durchgeführt wurde, vor. Schwerpunkte bilden der Stellenwert und die Rolle des Wissenstransfers im Rahmen der internen Unternehmenskommunikation sowie die in den(More)
Agile software engineering methods provide a mean for flexible software development. However, these agile methods oppose direct steering and control as well as streamlining for process efficiency. In this contribution such agile processes of software engineering are analysed by applying a method known for its ability to encompass knowledge intensive(More)
The Knowledge Modeling and Description Language (KMDL) is a method for analyzing knowledge activities in business processes. This contribution presents version 2.1, the latest version of the method KMDL in a real life scenario. In the case study presented in this contribution we aim to review the practicality of the KMDL procedural model and the benefit(More)
Product piracy poses an existential threat to many companies. Juristic property rights, which are currently dominantly put to practice, do not suffice to combat this threat. The rise in cases of piracy and the increasing professionalism of the counterfeiter, give grounds for effective methods of prevention. Based on the gap of existing approaches identified(More)