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OBJECTIVES We aimed to study the categorizations "Overdrive" and "Edge" from the pedagogical method Complete Vocal Technique as refiners of the often ill-defined concept of "belting" by means of(More)
BACKGROUND Topical anesthesia of the upper airway is often recommended when difficulty in airway management is anticipated. There are published reports, however, of administration of topical(More)
OBJECTIVES The objective of this work was to study the parameters "metal" and "density" and their combinatory conditions in relation to the vocal modes Overdrive, Edge, and Curbing from the(More)
OBJECTIVES This study aims to study the categorization Curbing from the pedagogical method Complete Vocal Technique as a reduced metallic mode compared with the full metallic modes Overdrive and Edge(More)
OBJECTIVES To study vocal effects in singing from the pedagogical method complete vocal technique as related to specific and discrete supraglottic structures and activities by means of(More)
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