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This paper presents analyses of a representative sample of US Latinos (N=2540) to investigate whether family cohesion moderates the effects of cultural conflict on psychological distress. The results for the aggregated Latino group suggests a significant association between family cohesion and lower psychological distress and the combination of strong(More)
OBJECTIVES We examined potential pathways by which time in the United States may relate to differences in the predicted probability of past-year psychiatric disorder among Latino immigrants as compared with US-born Latinos. METHODS We estimated predicted probabilities of psychiatric disorder for US-born and immigrant groups with varying time in the United(More)
Given recent adaptations of the World Health Organization's World Mental Health Composite International Diagnostic Interview (WMH-CIDI), new methodological studies are needed to evaluate the concordance of CIDI diagnoses with clinical diagnostic interviews. This paper summarizes lessons learned from a clinical reappraisal study done with US Latinos. We(More)
OBJECTIVES We assess whether posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) varies in prevalence, diagnostic criteria endorsement, and type and frequency of potentially traumatic events (PTEs) among a nationally representative US sample of 5071 non-Latino whites, 3264 Latinos, 2178 Asians, 4249 African Americans, and 1476 Afro-Caribbeans. METHODS PTSD and other(More)
BACKGROUND Few studies have tested the effects of a depression intervention on the risk for death associated with depression. OBJECTIVE To test whether an intervention to improve depression care can modify the risk for death. DESIGN Practice-based, randomized, controlled trial. SETTING 20 primary care practices in New York, New York, and Philadelphia(More)
OBJECTIVE To estimate whether racial/ethnic behavioral health service disparities are likely to be reduced through insurance expansion coverage expected through the Affordable Health Care Act. DATA SOURCES Pooled data from the nationally representative NIMH Collaborative Psychiatric Epidemiological Studies (2001-2003). STUDY DESIGN We employ a novel(More)
OBJECTIVE Our purpose was to determine the personal characteristics associated with different patterns of adherence to the antidepressant citalopram in a primary care trial of depression management. METHOD The study sample consisted of 228 adults aged 60 years and older recruited from primary care settings and who participated in a depression(More)
In assessing the mechanism of treatment efficacy in randomized clinical trials, investigators often perform mediation analyses by analyzing if the significant intent-to-treat treatment effect on outcome occurs through or around a third intermediate or mediating variable: indirect and direct effects, respectively. Standard mediation analyses assume(More)
OBJECTIVE This study examines how communication patterns vary across racial and ethnic patient-clinician dyads in mental health intake sessions and its relation to continuance in treatment, defined as attending the next scheduled appointment. METHODS Observational study of communication patterns among ethnically/racially concordant and discordant(More)