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In a double-blind clinical trial, a total of 463 volunteers were enrolled in a study designed to compare the effects of zinc gluconate lozenges (4.5 mg zinc) and a placebo for common cold. The tablets were to be taken every 1-1 1/2 waking hours at the first symptoms and for the following days until the common cold was over, but for no longer than 10 days.(More)
The synthesis, electronic structure, and reactivity of the first Group 9 carbene complex, [Cp*IrL] [L=C(Ph2 PS)(SO2 Ph)] (2), based on a dilithio methandiide are reported. Spectroscopic as well as computational studies have shown that, despite using a late transition-metal precursor, sufficient charge transfer occurred from the methandiide to the metal,(More)
The transfer hydrogenation (TH) reaction of ketones with catalytic systems based on a methandiide-derived ruthenium carbene complex was investigated and optimised. The complex itself makes use of the noninnocent behaviour of the carbene ligand (M=CR2 →MH-C(H)R2 ), but showed only moderate activity, thus requiring long reaction times to achieve sufficient(More)
Based on the experience of 115 examinations, the authors first describes the normal radiological appearances on arthrography of the elbow joint. Subsequently, the radiological criteria are discussed which permit a diagnosis of intra- and para-articular soft tissue lesions due to closed trauma of the elbow joint. Arthrography with positive (water-soluble)(More)
Si-H bond activation of a number of silanes via metal ligand cooperation in a carbene complex is reported. Thereby, the electronic flexibility of the carbene ligand allows for the activation via a unique mechanism with oxidative addition to an 18e species without a formal change in the number of valence electrons.
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