Julia Weinelt

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Critical cell surface immunoreceptors downregulated during HIV infection have previously been identified using non-systematic, candidate approaches. To gain a comprehensive, unbiased overview of how HIV infection remodels the T cell surface, we took a distinct, systems-level, quantitative proteomic approach. >100 plasma membrane proteins, many without(More)
HIV-1 Vpu prevents incorporation of tetherin (BST2/ CD317) into budding virions and targets it for ESCRT-dependent endosomal degradation via a clathrin-dependent process. This requires a variant acidic dileucine-sorting motif (ExxxLV) in Vpu. Structural studies demonstrate that recombinant Vpu/tetherin fusions can form a ternary complex with the clathrin(More)
UNLABELLED The mammalian antiviral membrane protein tetherin (BST2/CD317) can be expressed as two isoforms derived from differential translational initiation. The shorter isoform of the human protein (S-tetherin) lacks the first 12 amino acids of the longer (L-tetherin) cytoplasmic tail, which includes a tyrosine motif that acts as both an endocytic(More)
During the last few years adequate therapy of ruptures of the fibular ligaments has been a subject of controversial discussions. Several authors consider operative and functional treatment to be almost equally good. In a retrospective study recent ankle ligament ruptures in 120 athletes were analysed with regard as to how the accident happened, the(More)
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