Julia V Igolkina

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Radiofrequency exposure at the mobile connection frequency (1 GHz) at different energy flow densities, 5 μW/cm2 (2-fold below the maximum permissible level) and 50 μW/cm2 (5-fold surpassing this level), caused a reduction of motor activity in unicellular hydrobionts Spirostomum ambiguum Ehrbg infusoria. In all cases, the effect was similar by the intensity(More)
PURPOSE To analyze the direct and transgenerational effects of exposure to low-dose 1 GHz (mobile phone/wireless telecommunication range) and 10 GHz (radar/satellite communication range) radiofrequency electromagnetic fields (RF-EMF) on the motility of ciliates Spirostomum ambiguum. MATERIALS AND METHODS S. ambiguum were exposed to 1 GHz and 10 GHz RF-EMF(More)
Electromagnetic radiation at the mobile connection frequency (1 GHz) at maximum energy flow density (10 μW/cm2) permitted in Russia causes serious functional disorders in the studied unicellular hydrobionts infusoria Spirostomum ambiguum: reduction of their spontaneous motor activity. The form of biological reaction is uncommon: the effect is threshold,(More)
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