Julia Teschner

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The molybdenum cofactor (Moco) is a prosthetic group required by a number of enzymes, such as nitrate reductase, sulfite oxidase, xanthine dehydrogenase, and aldehyde oxidase. Its biosynthesis in eukaryotes can be divided into four steps, of which the last three are proposed to occur in the cytosol. Here, we report that the mitochondrial ABC transporter(More)
SoxAX cytochromes are essential for the function of the only confirmed pathway for bacterial thiosulfate oxidation, the so-called "Sox pathway," in which they catalyze the initial formation of a S-S bond between thiosulfate and the SoxYZ carrier protein. Our work using the Starkeya novella diheme SoxAX protein reveals for the first time that in addition to(More)
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