Julia T. Bu

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The integration of negatively charged single-metal building blocks {In(CO2)4} and positively charged trimeric clusters {In3O} leads to three unique cage-within-cage-based porous materials, which exhibit not only high hydrothermal, thermal, and photochemical stability but also attractive structural features contributing to a very high CO2 uptake capacity of(More)
The hypotransferrinemic (hpx) mouse is a model of inherited transferrin deficiency that originated several decades ago in the BALB/cJ mouse strain. Also known as the hpx mouse, this line is almost completely devoid of transferrin, an abundant serum iron-binding protein. Two of the most prominent phenotypes of the hpx mouse are severe anemia and tissue iron(More)
OBJECTIVE The perception of pain is susceptible to modulation by psychological and contextual factors. It has been shown that subjects judge noxious stimuli as more painful in a respective suggestive context, which disappears when the modifying context is resolved. However, a context in which subjects judge the painfulness of a nociceptive stimulus in(More)
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